Congratulations to Dr Steve Perry in the USA, season #45 champion of 2020's Tigers division. Way to go!
Well done Ravikant Avva, winner of Suda Perera's 'and the other one' ODS. Thanks again Suda.
Well done to David Harris, our post season Battle Royale champ following season #45.
To see the Battle Royal resutls, go to account details > past seasons > #45 > 2 March 2018
As we go into hiatus for a while, thanks again to everyone who's played 2020, and to all our ODS setters.

2020 QUIZ Privacy Policy

2020 Quiz Takes Privacy Very Seriously
2020 QUIZ is deeply respectful of, and committed to preserving, the privacy of its players. This policy outlines the handling of users' personal information that is submitted at any point in the site. The information is used only in the ways specified when it was collected. That information is not shared in any other shape or manner otherwise.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us through this website or write to us at

2020 QUIZ
16 Dovecliff Crescent
Burton on Trent
East Staffordshire, DE13 OHJ
United Kingdom
Or e-mail Sapper Aude at:


Players' email addresses will never be revealed on the 2020 QUIZ website. Furthermore, 2020 QUIZ will never share a player's email address with anyone. The one extremely limited exception: in situations in which 2020 QUIZ must disclose personally identifiable information about a player if the league has good faith belief that doing so is required by law, such as pursuant to a subpoena or other judicial or administrative order. In such extraordinarily rare cases, we will notify the player in advance of such action. 2020 QUIZ notifies active players of the availability of questions, and occasionally sends emails relating to season recaps, upcoming contests, and other league-related news. Any player who wishes not to be contacted may request so, and the email address will be purged permanently from the site's database.

Player Nomenclature

As 2020 QUIZ is built on a foundation of player honesty, it is not possible to allow total anonymity on a player's part. In order to participate in 2020 QUIZ as a player, one must register with the league using his or her real name (first and last) and email address. 2020 QUIZ player nomenclature policy is that, for new players, a Player Name will consist (at the least) of a player's last name and first initial (e.g. 'JonesC'). If this is still too revealing for a player's taste, and/or if the player is famous or high-profile (e.g. 'MagnussonM'), accommodations can be made, but only in select circumstances, and always in the spirit of league integrity. Anonymous pseudonyms will never be permitted for Player Names in 2020 QUIZ.

While first names are required for registration, as a matter of practice 2020 QUIZ does not reveal first names on the 2020 QUIZ website. However, it cannot be guaranteed that a player's first name will not be revealed, as there are numerous means via which this information could be disclosed (including, but not limited to, another player revealing it on a Message Board, and the player revealing it himself/herself in the process of liking 2020 QUIZ on Facebook or following 2020 QUIZ on Twitter). Therefore, despite the league practice, players should not expect that their first names will remain private as they play in the league.

Other possible personally identifiable information

To ensure equitable gameplay, and also for the purposes of regional alignment, any new registering player must also provide his or her location. Only a state (or country, if non-US) is required. City and higher educational establishment (College/University etc.) attendance information is also requested at the time of registration, and while it is preferred, it is optional. Any location and higher education information provided by a player during registration will be disclosed on the player's profile page, and will only be removed at the player's written request.

Players must be cognizant of, and agree to, the fact that 2020 QUIZ is presently an open website, with pages accessible to anyone with access to the world wide web. However, select information is available only to 2020 QUIZ members via logging in to the website. This includes all information on player profile pages, with the exception of player names, flags, locations, and membership levels. All other player profile information presented on profile pages is restricted.

This restricted information includes gender, higher education attendance information (if provided), and data collected during match play: statistics relating to match outcome and question answering performance, awards, and referral information. This information is integral to gameplay, and so any player not willing to make this information available is not eligible to participate in 2020 QUIZ. While access is restricted to active members logged in to the website, it cannot be guaranteed that any of this information is not duplicated on websites without 2020 QUIZ consent, and over which 2020 QUIZ has no control.

Social Media

With regard to social media, any interaction with 2020 QUIZ outside (such as the aforementioned on Facebook and Twitter) is bound by the privacy policies of those websites, and not 2020 QUIZ. The exception is player email addresses, which 2020 QUIZ commits to protecting (per the above guidelines) in all cases, in perpetuity. 2020 QUIZ may reference individuals in Facebook posts and Tweets, and may necessarily reveal first names (and thus link to whatever information the player provides publicly on those websites), but will only reference individuals who have first engaged with 2020 QUIZ via a Facebook 'like' or Twitter 'follow'.

Also note that this policy applies to collected information and interaction online, and not to information/interaction offline.

2020 QUIZ / Message Board

The 2020 QUIZ / Message Board is open and available for view by anyone on the world wide web, but in order to post comments on the 2020 QUIZ Message Board, one must be an active 2020 QUIZ member in good standing. Message Board access is incorporated within / conferred by a player's PlayerName account.

Player email addresses are not made available on the website and will not be divulged by the league upon request. Players who wish to share email addresses with other players may do so via the Private Message functionality of the 2020 QUIZ / Message Board.

The 2020 QUIZ / Message Board is lightly moderated, and there is no mechanism to prevent a user from revealing his own or another player's personally identifiable information. However, the site is monitored daily; 2020 QUIZ will remove any posts it sees unfit, at its discretion, and will also remove any post at a player's request with the greatest possible haste.

Financial Information

Online payments to 2020 QUIZ for periodic membership dues are transacted via established and trusted payment processors (presently, PayPal and Google Payments). At no time does 2020 QUIZ receive or have access to any player's credit card or related financial information. Along with the funds, the payment processors pass along to 2020 QUIZ the payer's provided address, to be used for shipping, if needed. This address information never passes through 2020 QUIZ servers and will never appear on the 2020 QUIZ website.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Please note that, while this Privacy Policy may change from time to time, we will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without your explicit consent. Any Privacy Policy changes will be noted on this page and, if the changes are significant, via a more prominent notice. This policy was last updated on 19 June 2013.

Your Consent

By participating in 2020 QUIZ, you consent to this Privacy Policy.