Congratulations to Dr Steve Perry in the USA, season #45 champion of 2020's Tigers division. Way to go!
Well done Ravikant Avva, winner of Suda Perera's 'and the other one' ODS. Thanks again Suda.
Well done to David Harris, our post season Battle Royale champ following season #45.
To see the Battle Royal resutls, go to account details > past seasons > #45 > 2 March 2018
As we go into hiatus for a while, thanks again to everyone who's played 2020, and to all our ODS setters.

How to Play

League Matches
  1.    The league starts on the first Monday of the month and runs five days a week from Monday to Friday.
  2.    League matches consist of head-to-head battles with eight questions each day for 19 days, with a one-off 12-question quiz final on the 20th day.
  3.    Every day, for the first 19 working days each month you will receive an email inviting you to play a head-to-head match with one other player in your league.
  4.    You can answer the questions at any time up until midnight (UK time).
  5.    Our system has been designed to allow you to type in your answers rather than selecting multiple choice options. This means players can answer in their first language and can make spelling errors without it necessarily affecting their score. Only rarely will a question require an exact correct spelling, and you will be told when this is the case.

    If you are answering using in a language other than English or, perhaps, for example, giving the local title of a film or book (i.e. that’s different to the English language one), you need to alert the Sapper by adding “(your language/country)” to each answer. The number of first languages used by 2020 players is already into double figures. Don’t take a chance that the Sapper will fail to spot you’ve answered in Serbo-Croat, make sure you make this known with your answer(s)!

    Please be aware answers are marked en bloc – everyone’s Q1 answers are marked together, then Q2, and so on. Marking is not done player by player. So, if you need to tell us you’ve answered one question in Serbo-Croat, you’ll need to do so again if using Serbo-Croat for another answer in the same quiz. And all answers put to the Sapper for marking are anonymous, so you can’t rely on him knowing your language because he knows you personally. He won’t know it’s YOUR answer – unless you’re the ONLY Serbo-Croat speaker in 2020Quiz!.
  6.    This game isn't just about answering questions though. The points you win are allocated by your opponent for the day – and you allocate points to them. So, you need to try to figure out what your opponent might know. You want to give them the lowest score possible, so you stand the best chance of winning the match.

    Under each question, you will find the points you can allocate to your opponent if they get the answer correct. You must work out how to award the 12 points at your disposal:
    • One question worth THREE (3) points
    • Three questions worth TWO (2) points
    • Three questions worth ONE (1) point
    • One question worth ZERO (0) points. This gives a total of 12 (twelve) points.
  7.    Scores are based on the questions that you answer correctly, and the number of points your opponent assigned to each one. So think very carefully about how to allocate the points.
  8.    To help you decide which points to assign to each question, you can see your opponent's 2020 quiz history by clicking on their name on the right hand side of the page where the questions are. There, you'll see demographic information, which are their best and worst categories, and their hit rates in each category. You can also see a history of every single question they have answered, but you are NOT allowed to look at this during game play.
  9.    And they can see the same for you. If you click on your own 'profile', you'll be able to see all your own stats too.
  10. You can do this for every player on 2020 Quiz - so check out your upcoming opponents, but not while you have a quiz in play.
  11. Once you are ready to submit your answers, you must check the boxes to say that you are ready and that you have not cheated.
  12. When your answers have been logged, you will be shown your answer and the standard correct answer. DON'T PANIC if your answer isn't exactly the same as the correct default answer. Anything that differs from the standard answer is manually checked.
  13. Unless you unchecked the appropriate box, you will automatically be sent a copy of the questions and answers via email for your archives.
  14. After the game and the marking have been completed, you will receive an email report as to your score and head-to-head match result and information on your league.
  15. You will get TWO points for every match you win, ONE point for a draw and Zero if you lose.
  16. If you forfeit a match, your opponent will automatically get EIGHT points and a win.
  17. Please don't forfeit. Although it's nice to win, your opponent may well have spent a lot of time allocating your points. Forfeiting matches spoils it for other people. Your commitment when you sign up to play in the 2020 Quiz League is to answer the 8 league questions every day. If you cannot do this, 2020 Quiz is not for you.
  18. Statistics and leader boards will automatically update on the website.
  19. On the 20th day, the players who topped each league will contest a Battle Royale to see who emerges as Champion in a 12-question quiz that uses the One-Day Special format.
  20. Even if you haven't made it to the final, you are still an essential part of the day's game. You get to play along for fun - and acquire an e-mail copy of the questions and answers. Bonus points can be earned by a competitor based on the number of people who incorrectly answered the question. So, you playing will directly affect the outcome of the final by determining the number of bonus points available.

How to Play

One-Day Specials
  1. One-Day Special quizzes can run every day of the week. In fact, there can any number of One-Day Specials in a day.
  2. As the name suggests, they are quizzes that will usually have a theme.
  3. 2020 Quiz players are invited to submit quizzes for these on any topic they like.
  4. One-Day Specials consist of 12 questions.
  5. They are not included in your League ranking, but they will decide the placings during the League finals.
  6. If you play, they are included in your 2020 quiz history.
  7. In a One-Day Special, everyone plays all other players. It's not a head-to-head format like the 2020 Quiz League.
  8. Every correct answer will earn you 15 points.
  9. To mix it up a bit though, you can also earn extra points by choosing FIVE of your answers to pick up Bonus points.
  10. For each correct Bonus, in addition to the 15 points, you will receive the number of points equal to the percentage of participants who answer the question incorrectly (e.g. if 74% of the players get it wrong, you get 74 Bonus points). So, you get more points for knowing something that was tough and that most people did not know.
  11. You must answer the Bonus questions correctly to receive the Bonus points.
  12. The player who earns the most points overall wins the One-Day Special.
  13. After playing, you will be sent the questions and the answers via email in the same way as after a 2020 League head-to-head match.
  14. Scores and leader boards will go up after the marking and scoring is done – shortly after midnight (UK time).