Congratulations to Dr Steve Perry in the USA, season #45 champion of 2020's Tigers division. Way to go!
Well done Ravikant Avva, winner of Suda Perera's 'and the other one' ODS. Thanks again Suda.
Well done to David Harris, our post season Battle Royale champ following season #45.
To see the Battle Royal resutls, go to account details > past seasons > #45 > 2 March 2018
As we go into hiatus for a while, thanks again to everyone who's played 2020, and to all our ODS setters.

Book Store

The questions from the World Quizzing Championships 2012 and a couple of the Hot 100 sets are now available on Kindle. Instead of doing a 'Questions' section and an 'Answers' section, we've put them into a 'Questions' section and a 'Questions with Answers' section so you can use them to test yourself and to test each other more easily. In the WQC book, you'll even find out which questions the highest-scoring person in each genre got wrong - and why.

You don't need to have a Kindle to read the books. They have a free app here that will allow you to read them on most devices