Congratulations to Anurakshat 'Doc' Gupta on winning the Sapper's Indian themed ODS.
Have a great weekend everybody.

Sapper Aude

is the nom de jeu of Chris Jones
Sapper Aude, Chris Jones (inset)

Chris (QuizJones) on Facebook

Chris was born in a military hospital in Tidworth, in what was then Hampshire, UK. After his education, and some time spent selling encyclopaedias door to door (seriously), a job as a stock controller followed, from which Chris was made redundant. After flirting with the idea of joining the RAF (as a blimp), Chris spent 23 years working as a civil servant, dealing with 'Social Security' matters. At the same time, well in his early 20s anyway, he served in Her Majesty's (Territorial) Armed Forces, including time with a Royal Artillery unit in Bolton, and a Royal Engineers unit in West London. This service in part inspired his 2020 nom de jeu. And you have to agree that Sapper Aude sounds so much better than Gunner Rhea.

In 2003, Chris joined Jane Allen in founding which now involves the additional and peerless talents of Lucy Allen and Jules Bowes. It was around this time that Chris became a member of the US based LearnedLeague, run by Shayne Bushfield via his superheroic alter ego, Thorsten A. Integrity.

LearnedLeague is the inspiration of this site and we gratefully acknowledge Shayne's support and consent as regards our 2020 Quiz project. We want to emulate Shayne's achievement, albeit we are aimed squarely at all those quiz enthusiasts living outside the Grand old US of A (and Canada!). All hail Shayne who has heroically built up Learned League from an original roster of just 20 players in 1998 to over 1,500 regular participants today!

As well as his involvement with 2020 Quiz, and along with Jane Allen, Chris runs the British Quiz Association's Grand Prix Quiz circuit and was co-founder (with Jane, Steven de Ceuster, Arko Olesk, and Dr Anurakshat Gupta) of the International Quizzing Association which, inter alia, created and runs the European Quizzing Championships and the World Quizzing Championships. His main interest in these activities, besides wanting to promote quiz, is as a question setter. Like some others, Chris has probably enjoyed more success setting questions than he ever has answering them!